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Tudor Gypsies in England

An in depth study into the very earliest Romany communities in the British Isles. This work aims to draw together new finds by the author in five years of diligent research in the archives of British Record Offices, together with older finds, to give a complete as possible picture of this important early period in British Romani History, in particularly from a genealogical viewpoint, with special attention made to the surnames then in use, which are fully indexed and appear throughout in bold typeface. This is a precursor to a five-volume work Early British Gypsy Families, which examines the fate of these same families, and the genesis of other early prominent Romani families, in successive generations and centuries.

​A4, 107 Pages, fully illustrated and comprehensively referenced, with a  six page Surname Index of all Romany surnames appearing in the main text, a four page Place Name Index of counties, countries, and all important individual locations mentioned in the text, and a four page General Index. Original sources and documents are quoted in full throughout.





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Richard Edmunds' book shows clearly there was an immigration [of Gypsies to England in the 16th century] whose progress can be traced. Gypsies in Tudor England quotes all documents in full and ends by listing 17th century Gypsy references, carrying the story to the verge of recorded family history. Edmunds' maps show how, as decades passed, traveling routes spread out from the coastal ports over the whole country. This is an important book for the Gypsy historian [...] a challenging take on an important subject - Quoted from Jeremy Harte, Romany Routes the Journal of the Romany and Traveller Family History Society, December 2018.

The author should be commended on this impressive, well researched and thoroughly engaging work. Throughout a wealth of information, much of it newly discovered, is presented to the reader in a clear way, through an accessible chronological narrative. The extensive notes, and comprehensive surname and place name indexes are particularly useful additions to the main text. Edmunds' identification of the deepest ancestry of the Romany people in the nomadic tribes of ancient Scythia, is controversial, but he makes a compelling and convincing case to back this view. [...] Overall, this book is a welcome and exciting addition to the ever-growing body of knowledge on Europe's largest non-indigenous ethnic minority - Quoted from Alan Osbourne-Evans, Genealogical Review, October 2018



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Well researched and thoroughly readable, as good as his last publications on Gypsies! - Five Star reader review,, 18th July 2018.

A good account, very pleased with my purchase. Thank you. - Buyer review, ebay, June  2018.

Wow! Amazing finds. - Buyer review, June  2018.

An impressive work by the author, a valuable and important contribution to the study of Romany and Traveller History in the U.K. - Buyer review, direct sale, May 2018.

I have enjoyed your Tudor Gypsies book. I look forward to purchasing several of your books to help me in my own family history research. Buyer review, email correspondence 2018.

Great book, great service and very fast delivery - recommended. - Buyer review, ebay, April 2018.

Terrific book, very interesting, thanks Richard. - Buyer review, ebay, April 2018.

Excellent as always, thank you. - Buyer review, ebay, 2019.

Top class, lovely book, very pleased with my purchase. - Buyer review, ebay, 2019


Quick delivery in vgood condition A* have bought more books & recommend seller Buyer review, ebay, 2020


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