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Romany Gypsy Boswells Family History

Published in March 2018, by the Romany and Traveller Family History Society, this book is the second of a two part in-depth genealogical study of one of the most celebrated and prominent families in Britain’s Romany community, the Boswells. It’s essential background reading for anyone with Romany Boswell ancestors but also for those whose relatives intermarried with or travelled with this widespread family, guiding the reader through from the Boswells’ likely origins during the English Civil War when Romany people were hunted down, and persecuted with puritanical fever, to their subsequent growth and development in  the heady and dangerous days of the Georgian era, the height of the English prize ring, the footpad and the dashing highwayman, and through to the dawn of the Regency period.

A4, 178 pages, Fully Name Indexed with numerous illustrations in black and white and colour.

Reviews and Buyer Feedback


Great job of locating these old records! Blows my mind. Review, Facebook, 2018


From your research, I now know that I have Blewitt blood: I owe you great thanks for identifying a Blewitt/Smith marriage that pushes back my ancestry a further two generations on a somewhat dormant line that I had put aside a couple of decades ago through lack of progress. Email, 2018

Went ahead and purchased your two Boswell books today. I
respect your research and writing too much to miss out on reading them. Excellent Work.
- Email, November 2018

I just wanted to write and say how much I've enjoyed your first two books on the early Boswells. I will most certainly be purchasing the rest of the books in the series. - Email, Spring 2018

Your one good detective, hope you find more and people remember you, well done Rich, people will learn great things from you. - A Boswell, internet forum, 2017

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