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Huguenot Clock Makers London Spitalfields




Originally given a limited distribution in 2013, this work republished in Summer 2020, is an examination of Huguenot and Huguenot descendants who operated as clock and watch makers in Spitalfields London, from 1681-1900, and includes individual sections on the following individuals and families:

Francois Godeau, The Lestourgeons, The Jourdain, The Héberts, Claude Bruyet, The Merciers, Jean Pierre Dupuy, The Guépins, The Compignes, Guillaume Prevost, Girardel dit Constantin, The Crucefix's, The Lormiers, Noe Debordeaux, Abraham Cahier, David Luce, Pierre Mallet, Jr & Sr, Lucas De Caux, Thomas Bourdon, Robert Auber, Jean Merigeot, The Perigals, James Razoux, The Le Blonds, Robert Bertrand and John Courche, The Gazes, William Courtauld.

A4, Highly Illustrated, 42 Pages

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