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Published May 2018 to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the passing of one of the most extraordinarily influential cultural icons of the late 20th century, Reggae Legend and Music Superstar, the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley, OM, (1945-1981).


Bob's music inspires, entertains, excites, educates and unites, in equal measures, people from all walks of life, from across the globe, providing an enduring and robust legacy, to an all too brief existence. His humble nativity in rural St Ann, Jamaica, and his subsequent upbringing in the rough and tough confines of Trenchtown, a notorious slum district of the nation’s capital, Kingston, moulded a warm, yet tough individual of unique authenticity and empathy, whose ability to connect with his audiences and articulate their shared life experiences, their hopes, their struggles, their hardships, won him the respect and adoration of millions.

This work seeks to give an understanding of the influences and circumstances that shaped his life and helped nurture his extraordinary talent, through an examination of  Bob’s maternal heritage, in the transplanted African slave population of Jamaica, casting light on individual stories, experiences, and paths to freedom, and his paternal heritage in the White European settler population. Often incorrectly referred to as an Englishman posted to Jamaica in military service, a great many inaccuracies have been written about Bob’s father, Norval Marley, and his immediate family. Contained here is the most factually accurate account of Bob's roots available to date, sourced  from original records, dispelling many myths, whilst confirming Bob’s undisputed position as a true son of the Island Nation and a most worthy representative of her unique spirit and people.

100% Unofficial fan publication, created for educational and research purposes, utilising facts available in the public domain, in no way authorised by, endorsed by or linked to the late Bob Marley, his widow, estate, or any related organisation or their representatives.

In memory of the late Bob Marley any profits arising from this book will be donated by the author, equally, between, Myeloma UK, a blood cell cancer support charity, and Abbie's Army, a children's Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma brain tumour research charity. Neither charity is in any way linked to the research, planning, finance or production of this work or endorses any statements or views contained within this work, which are entirely the author’s own.

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