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Originally given a limited distribution in 2013, this work republished in Summer 2020, is a study of Huguenots and Huguenot descendants working in the British Ivory & Bone Turning industry between 1681-1949, and includes detailed information on the following craftsmen:

Isaac Ramet, David Neel, Pierre Neel, Jacob Neel, Pierre Mauger, Michel Potier,

Jean Cavalier, Jacques Peigne, Abraham Piegne, Pierre Alleaume, Pierre Heuze,

Pierre Beaurain, Thomas Prevost, senior, Thomas Prevost, junior, Jean Prevost, Jean Obrisset, Jean Obrisset, junior, Jean Perigal, Jacques Perigal, Jean Jourdain, David Senecal,Jean Senecal, Guillaume Savetier, Jean Despommare, Abraham Despommare,

William Mullot, James Mullot,  David Chretien, Jean Lestourgeon, Daniel L'Heureux,

Jacques Dubosc, Jean Pierre, Jean Lavotte, Moses Audebert, Jean Samson,  

Thomas Hemet, Pierre Brun, David Hannot, John Overy/Ouvrix, David Le Marchand,    

Jacques Constantin, Aaron Lestourgeon, Guillaume Lestourgeon, Aaron Lestourgeon, Junior, Jacob Chassereau,  Francis Chassereau, Robert Chassereau,  Charles Chassereau, Stephen Caveret, Nicholas Goullee, Nicholas Goullee, junior, Simon Peter Manchee, Jacob Martin, Charles Alderton, Samuel Alderton, William Alderton, George Alderton, William Alderton, Samuel Alderton, junior, James Alderton, Walter Charles Alderton , Joseph Harris, Thomas Jaques, John Jaques, George Jaques, Thomas Jaques, Louis Fache, Henry Macaire, George Macaire, Henry William Agombar, Richard Delemare, Richard S. Delemare, Thomas Martin, Alfred Henry Godier, John Quintin Fran. Lebez, John Touchard, Joseph Bellett, Charles Bellett, Alfred John Bellett, George Bellett, Alfred Henry Bellett, John Prevost .


A4, highly illustrated, 84 pages


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