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Originally given a limited distribution in 2013, and now updated and revised, this work is a general examination of the origins and development of the early silk weaving industry in Tudor and Stuart London, interweaved with personal stories of the individuals and families involved. It concentrates particularly on the Huguenot and Walloon refugees who fled religious persecution in mainland Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, to make new homes for themselves and their families in the parish of St Dunstan's, Stepney, in the Hamlet of Spitalfields, an area which by the mid-18th century, through their industry and enterprise, had risen to occupy a premier position in Europe's silk trade.

A4, 60 Pages, highly illustrated and fully indexed.

Surnames mentioned in this Volume include:

Ahere, Aubry, Auber, Agace, Barbatier, Barman, Baudouin, Baquesne, Beviline, Bellot,

Belloy, Beuzeville, Bocquet, Bodar, Bomginion, Bonnal, Botue, Buckilion, Bushin,Campart,

Carlier/Karlee, Castain, Claris, Cordie, Crampon, Dambrine, De Bourcq, De Carpentree, DeGarden, Deheulle, De Jenne, Deliane, Deloubeau, Delamare, Delaloon, De Mesure, Demosure, Depayne, Depree, De Primerose, Desmarets, Dickiney, Didier, Dishkind, Dongrideaw, Dore, Dorleau, Dowonser, Drigue, Duboys, Du Bois, Dupeere, Du Pire, Du Plie, Duthoit, Eardon, Faverie, Febue, Fever, Flamen, Forge, Fottone, Gervaise, Gigonde,

Gillion, Girault, Gooden, Gorringe, Grellier, Guillemard, Herbert, Houblon, Hutchabout,

Jonders, Jourdain, Ladant, Lanson, Lason, Larguier, Lauien, Lauze, Layer, Le Carte, Lecavee, Leffever, Le Heup, Le John, Le Keux, Le Lieure, Lemeere, Lemoy, Leno, Lepeire, Lepeere, Le Quien, De Quine, Leman, Lescaillet, Lethiuellier, Levesque, Leveke, Loyeere Loyer, Mallard, Malieu, Mallie, Mannake, Marchand, Maresco, Martinas, Matis, Matey,

Maze, Merreau, Monceaux, Monceau, Monseau, De Monceau, De Monseau, Montaine,

Mortier, Norman, Ogier, Ozemburgue, Ouvry, Patou, Puttooe, Perigal, Pezé, Prevost, Provost, Pruins, Quet, Renue, Rivalin, Segar, Seignoret, Shicket, Sillett, Soyier, Soihier, Soyer, Soye, Tahourdin, Thierry, Thiery, Terrie, Thilly, Tilly, Tryon,Varine, Vargoll, Vautier.






Reviews and Feedback

Congratulations what an effort! - French Huguenot Genealogy Group Facebook.


Well done. Fabulous. - French Huguenot Genealogy Group Facebook.

The book arrived and it is fantastic! You have explained the whole background to the weaving industry so clearly and it is full of interesting information and pictures! Really enjoying it, and hope it gets the success it deserves. - French Huguenot Genealogy Group Facebook.

I was so looking foward to reading your book. Really enjoyed it. It has added to my knowledge of events.

- French Huguenot Genealogy Group Facebook.

Excellent, thanks. - ebay Customer 2018

Good account. Received fast as described. Delighted! - ebay Customer 2018


Great item, thank you. - ebay Customer 2019


Received swiftly, happy with my item. - ebay Customer 2019

Great thank you! - ebay Customer 2019

Excellent, thanks. - ebay Customer 2019

Great service and really interesting book. Thank you so much. - ebay Customer 2019

Several months ago I ordered and received your book “The Early Silk Weavers of Spitalfields (1520-1720)”, which, being descended from Huguenot families, I thoroughly enjoyed.

Website Customer 2020

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